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It warms my heart to see some of the great Lambic breweries available in Nashville now. More people are Embracing the Funk and the stores are taking notice!

I really liked this beer as an approachable Geuze. Very balanced in the lactic sourness versus the citrus and lemon flavors. It’s got the right amount of “mustiness” for my liking. Carbonation…wow as soon as the cage came off the cork blew out and hit the ceiling! This seems like one of the darker colored Geuzes I have tried. My guess would be the Maillard reaction during a long boil time and not the use of any caramel malts.

While it’s not tame by any means, it’s a good one to introduce someone to as a world class example of the style. This one moved up to my second favorite Geuze right behind Cantillon. Sorry 3 Fonteinen.