Ph Readings Of Commercial Beers

Ph Readings of Commercial Beers

Assume all readings are taken at room temp (apprx 70 degrees F). I callibrate my ph meter fairly often, but don’t always show that here.

When I am able to do so…Gravity readings will also be recorded starting 8/25/2012. Thanks to everyone who suggested the idea! Please understand that some rare beers or beers I only have a small amount of, I just can’t sacrifice enough to de-carb for the reading.

 Click the reading for a picture of each beer being tested.
This page will be constantly updated as I am able to take the readings (meaning when I don’t forget!)

16 thoughts on “Ph Readings Of Commercial Beers”

  1. infuturity said:

    Wow…what an awesome idea! I was shown this by a link in a BeerAdvocate post I made about the need for sourness information included on the bottle for sours.

    Could you please measure some Berliner Weisse’s? Specifically, I’d really like to know the pH of a beer called Brettanomyces Lambicus (info: It was ridiculously sour and I’m really curious as to where it would fall on this scale.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. jeffreyecrane said:

    Have you tried any final gravity measurements? It would be helpful to be able to compare to pH in order to give you an idea of the sweet-sour balance

  3. Do you let the sample get flat before taking FG, or while it’s still carbonated?

  4. How happy are you with your pH meter (I’m in the market)?

    • It works fine, its the second ph meter I’ve owned. The first was the yellow one most shops sell. This one seems to hold calibration a lot better. I test calibrate often and its usually pretty close. I always run new calibration when taking these readings though.

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