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Sign me up for this one! The new release in the Lips of Faith series from New Belgium brewing sounds awesome. It’s called “Clutch” and is named after a hard-rock band out of Maryland. The beer has trickled into some markets on draft already, but the official release party was scheduled for today (August 29th) with the band in Washington, DC. That party looks to have been postponed indefinitely (I’m assuming due to Hurricane Irene). I had been holding on to this post in order to get some information from the party but since that isn’t going to happen….Look for the bottles in your area soon.

Pure rock fury meets Belgian-style brewed folly in this collaboration with Maryland hard-rockers, Clutch. A pronounced bass line of dark chocolate, coffee and black malts bridge the sourness of our dark wood ale for a fluid riff.

Being the fan of dark malt and sour that I am I’ll be searching this one out. The “facts” from NB on this offering:

ABV – 9%
Malts – Dark Chocolate, Coffee, Black
Fruits/Spice – Dark Wood Ale

One thing I wonder….Is teaming up with a band to release a beer the new Brewery 1 and Brewery 2 collaboration?