I’m still here and having more fun than ever. Recently I’ve been able to mess around with some small batch brews again! Mostly it’s for research and to prop up some new microbes for larger batch use, but hey we do get some beer out if it!

2 new ones I kicked off last week are from Omega Yeast Labs: American Farmhouse and HotHead.


The Coast to Coast American Farmhouse is a blend of a Saison strain from the Northeast and a Brettanomyces from the Northwest. It’s pretty obvious to me the sources, especially when I smell the Saison fermentation. The test batch I did with this blend used Pils, Wheat and a little bit of acid malt. Hopped to 18 ibus with a German Noble hops.


I pitched at 65F and it self rose to 71F in 2 days while foaming out of the airlocks. The ambient temp is 66F so fermenting in day 5 has slowed down, but continues to bubble the airlock 1 or 2 times a second. OG was 1.053 and it currently sits at 1.022. This beer is very very young but the aromas of citrus, bubblegum and clove remind me of my beloved strain from Blaugies. It’s still too young to detect and Brettanomyces, but I’ve been told this particular one shows up fairly young.

The other strain I’m testing is called HotHead using the same wort as above. I don’t have a picture of the packet because it wasn’t available when Omega sent it to me. It is now available for homebrewers. The story on this Norwegian sourced strain is it ferments at almost any temperature with a fruity character. They list a range from 62 to 98f, however I decided to push the low end and pitch at 48F. It self rose over the course of 2.5 days to 69F. When I check on it Monday I could see krausen marks into the carboy neck, so it did kick off even at the low pitch temp. Krausen has mostly fallen on day 5, but still shows co2 off gassing in the airlock. Current gravity is 1.020 and tasting fairly clean with no off character such as sulfur. Which I was concerned about given the low temperature.


This is a very interesting strain that I’m looking forward to tasting again
In a few weeks.
Have you found any fun new strains lately?




I broke out the floor corker and bottle carb’d the C2C Saison today. It finished at 1.003 SG . Peppery and Pear plus a pineapple/leather funk while it was flat. I added enough sugar to get to 3.5 volumes of co2. I’m looking forward to tasting this carbonated in a few weeks. So far I’m pretty darn pleased with this blend.


Here is the bottling setup. Since we have plenty of co2 I use 1psi to push the the beer into the co2 purged bottling bucket. While I am bottling I run a 1psi stream into the bucket to blanket the top while I’m filling bottles.